Jeremy Cooper
Jeremy Cooper
Senior Director, IT Operations
Charles River Labaratories

With almost 20 years’ working in IT, Jeremy has a wealth of experience covering operations, architecture, projects and leadership. During various roles Jeremy has had exposure to supporting companies through hyper growth, mergers and acquisitions, building out high performing teams and transforming how IT Operations is delivered to take IT from being reactive to a proactive partner to the business.

Outside of business Jeremy has overcome issues with weight and anxiety. This led him to a period of personal growth focused on developing improved mindset, wellbeing and productivity for work and life.

Jeremy’s true passion is to develop others, for this reason he is launching IT Hive Mind with the purpose to provide IT professional with the tools, mindset and community to enable them to build the career path they want, feel better physically and mentally and deliver and succeed in both business and life, while injecting a little fun.