Sean Farrington
Sean Farrington
Senior Vice President, Europe Middle East & Africa

Sean Farrington is SVP of Sales for EMEA at Pluralsight, a technology skills platform that is fast becoming the ‘go to’ option for businesses who are looking to harness the power of technology. Sean is inspired by Pluralsight’s mission to democratise technology, not just in Industry, but in all areas where technology can have an impact on the life outcome for people across the globe.

It would be safe to describe Sean’s approach to Technology as ‘technical’ - he is detail focused and willing to consider all aspects of the client’s requirements if it results in the correct option for them and Pluralsight. In his role at Pluralsight Sean works closely with a highly motivated team of VP’s and Sales Directors where he is also coach and mentor ensuring the high standard of Customer Centric processes are adhered to in all aspects of the Sales cycle.

With over 22 years’ experience in the software industry including 15 years working in Business intelligence, Sean and his family spent four years living and working in Sweden, and since 2018 have been based in Dublin, Ireland.

Sean started his career with 14 years as a commissioned Officer in the British Army, as well as being a trained helicopter pilot, Sean has qualifications in Computer Science, Ammunition Technology and Logistics.