Have you noticed the change?

In the last eighteen months the world has changed greatly and in many ways. Of all the changes since the start of the pandemic, one has become integral to our lives post-pandemic, that being the necessity for cloud access. The way we collect, store, and share information has become increasingly remote. From working at home to online shopping, the means by which we stay connected and informed has become a constant stream of sending, receiving, and updating data in real time, all the time.

Deskflix: Cloud II will continue to unpack the multifaceted and rapidly changing world of cloud services. Acting as your guides, Cloud II will feature a diverse range of specialists and IT leaders, each with a wealth of experience and knowledge to answer your questions.

Hybrid, cloud-first, multi-cloud, cloud native - what cloud approach best fits my company? How can I best manage costs and compliance? How are regulations evolving post Brexit?? Can cloud help me hit my sustainability targets?

Join us for Deskflix: Cloud ll – all the answers are here.

Why attend?

>> Connect with 200 UK IT leaders from around the UK

>> Join us from anywhere on your desktop or tablet, for free

>> Ask industry experts your burning questions, in real time

>> Network with sponsors in the virtual exhibition

>> Earn certification through CPD


Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Keynote: Open to All
  • How understanding the open-source model will help you get the most out of the cloud?
  • Keeping your options open – cloud and vendor lock-in
  • How is collaboration helping cloud vendors and users to improve cloud efficiency and security?
Platinum Partner

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Invisible Walls
  • What are the main security vulnerabilities in cloud services and how can they be mitigated?
  • How has the surge in remote working affected security for cloud vendors and users?
  • What new technologies are improving cloud security?
Green Clouds
  • Are cloud services more environmentally sustainable than on premises options?
  • How do different cloud approaches compare to each other?
  • How will cloud adoption or adaption affect your organisations sustainability targets?
Lunch Break
Multicloud: Between Two Worlds
  • What type of organisations would benefit most from multi-cloud approach?
  • What changes to operations and culture can your teams expect when adopting a multi-cloud approach?
  • How can you manage and mitigate the costs of using multi-cloud?
Cloud Native: As Above, So Below
  • What is Cloud Native and why is it misunderstood?
  • How are development cycles different from other approaches when using Cloud Native?
  • What benefits can early adopters of cloud native except to see in the future?
Panel Discussion: The Sky is Falling
  • What cloud services fail, how can you ensure continuity?
  • How do different cloud providers respond to outages?
  • How do you inform users and recover from an outage?
Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks

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