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In the last eighteen months the world has changed greatly and in many ways. Of all the changes since the start of the pandemic, one has become integral to our lives post-pandemic, that being the necessity for cloud access. The way we collect, store, and share information has become increasingly remote. From working at home to online shopping, the means by which we stay connected and informed has become a constant stream of sending, receiving, and updating data in real time, all the time.

Deskflix Season 6 will continue to unpack the multifaceted and rapidly changing world of cloud services. Acting as your guides,  Deskflix will feature a diverse range of specialists and IT leaders, each with a wealth of experience and knowledge to answer your questions.

Hybrid, cloud-first, multi-cloud, cloud native - what cloud approach best fits my company? How can I best manage costs and compliance? How are regulations evolving post Brexit? Can cloud help me hit my sustainability targets?

Join us for Deskflix Season 6: Regrowth in the Age of Cloud – all the answers are here.


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Opening Remarks

Welcome to DeskFlix: Season 6 - Regrowth in the Age of Cloud

Tom Allen, Site Editor Computing and Delta, Incisive Media


John Leonard, Research Director Computing, Incisive Media

Keynote: The Cloud: An Unexpected Journey

Cloud technology has been revolutionary in helping organisations transition to digital, and modernise the ways in which data is collected, stored and shared. But what is the process of shutting down legacy systems in favour of cloud vendors really like, and does the finished product live up to the hype? Join Kurt Frary, Deputy Director of Information Management & Technology / Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Norfolk County Council to hear about the amazing and rapid transformations he and his team have made.

Watch this session to hear about: 

  • The transformative steps taken by Norfolk County Council in their move to the cloud
  • Is it really best to move everything to the cloud?
  • What benefits and drawbacks you can expect during and after moving your workloads to the cloud
  • How sustainability targets are affected when using the cloud

Kurt Frary, Deputy Director of Information and Technology / Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Norfolk County Council

iland: Ransomware running out of air - Protection and recovery with air-gapped backup and DR

Today’s cloud backup and disaster recovery solutions have evolved with ransomware protection and recovery in mind. Join iland experts to learn how a combination of air-gapped backup and disaster recovery can help you avoid the worst case scenarios, including paying a ransom, if your data becomes compromised.

Attend our webinar to:

  • Hear how ransomware has taken a turn for the worst in 2021 and what that has meant for peer businesses in your industry
  • Understand how a combination of protection and recovery technologies, including air-gapped backup designed with ransomware in mind, can protect your business against headline-making ransomware attacks
  • Learn how iland’s multi-layered approach to air-gapped backup and disaster recovery is fundamentally different from the competition – in terms of protection and ease of recovery.

Sam Woodcock, Senior Director, Cloud Strategy, iland

Darktrace: Bringing Autonomous Response to Multi-Cloud Environments

The enterprise-wide shift to the cloud is here to stay. As businesses take advantage of the speed, scale and flexibility of the cloud, hackers are also leveraging these same benefits – to launch fast-moving, sophisticated attacks on organizations.

The need for autonomous response is more critical than ever to ensure business resilience; attack lifecycles on critical workloads and production environments are growing ever shorter, and threats against the cloud continue to mount.

Self-Learning AI is helping organizations across the globe take proportionate, real-time action against attacks in the cloud, thwarting them in their earliest stages – before the damage is done.

Toby Lewis, Head of Threat Analysis, Darktrace

Okta: Digital Transformation - The Future of Work has Changed Forever

Over the past 18 months, our lives have been upended, presenting both challenges and opportunities. We’ve learned to cope with intense work schedules dictated by marathon video meetings and inviting our colleagues and customers into our most personal spaces. The global shift to anytime, anywhere, any device way of working has transformed how we live and operate. And with malicious attacks happening every 14 seconds on average, the challenge for IT is finding a way to support and secure today’s dynamic workforce.

Watch this session to:

  • Learn about the challenges we are facing when it comes to securing a dynamic workforce
  • Discover the latest security solutions and how they protect your company's employees and data
  • Find out how to strengthen your security posture attack

Craig Hinchliffe, Senior Solutions Engineer, Okta

Networking Break

Join the DeskQuiz to test your Cloud knowledge!

Tom Allen, Site Editor Computing and Delta, Incisive Media

Circle CI: Practical Tips and Tricks for CI/CD success

A CI/CD pipeline seems straightforward to implement and maintain. Yet it can often quickly become a tedious time sink and a source of universal frustration on many teams. From flaky builds, to long running builds, to flaky long running builds, the sources of frustration are endless. With the goal to ship more and faster as well as to compete in an ever changing industry, we can (and must) do better.

This talk will cover best practices for performance, stability, security, and maintainability of CI/CD pipelines, each supported with practical examples and counterexamples.

Zan Markan, Developer Advocate, CircleCI

Panel Discussion: The Sky is Falling
Join this panel session to hear from two industry experts about their experiences with cloud vendors and how they approach and overcome the user and legislative issues that can arise.

  • When cloud services fail, how can you ensure continuity?
  • How do different cloud providers respond to outages?
  • How do you overcome the regulatory constraints of using cloud vendors?
  • How do you maintain data security and privacy across multiple cloud vendors?

Manuj Sarpal, Director - Chief Technology Officer, GraniteShares ETFs

Silky Vaidya, Senior Director Engineering, Anaplan

Tom Allen, Site Editor Computing and Delta, Incisive Media

Closing Remarks

Thank you for attending DeskFlix: Season 6 - Regrowth in the Age of Cloud.

We hope to see you soon for the next instalment of DeskFlix!

Tom Allen, Site Editor Computing and Delta, Incisive Media


Senior Solutions Engineer
Deputy Director of Information Management & Technology / Chief Technical Officer (CTO)
Norfolk County Council
Director - Chief Technology Officer
GraniteShares ETFs
Senior Director, Cloud Strategy
Global Director of Product Engineering
Head of Threat Analysis
Developer Advocate
Circle CI

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