Cloud & Infrastructure Operations:

Strategy over Disruption

The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the importance of cloud in keeping organisations agile, and the vital role played by infrastructure ops teams when faced with unprecedented disruption. Making sure you are on top of your cloud game is now more important than ever.

Tune in to Deskflix: Cloud and Infrastructure Ops to hear industry experts speak on the questions you need answered: how to formulate a coherent cloud strategy, what are the trade-offs between hybrid, private, public and on-prem, and how could a multi-cloud approach benefit your organisation? What about ensuring of cyber-security in cloud? Is now the right time to look at cloud-native apps and infrastructure, and what skills should you be building for the future?

Join us from your desk for exclusive case studies, live Q&As and insightful panel discussions with top cloud professionals. Deskflix Cloud and Infrastructure Ops will be available on demand after the event, so you can improve your cloud strategy from anywhere and at any time!

Better still, the event is CPD-accredited so you can earn points as you learn.

Why attend?

>> Connect with 200 UK IT leaders from around the UK

>> Join us from anywhere on your desktop or tablet, for free

>> Ask industry experts your burning questions, in real time

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Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Delta Research: Of cloud and cloud native

A look at what IT leaders really think of CSPs and the future role of cloud

  • The cloud market - what has changed since the pandemic?
  • A look at the leaders: AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Cloud native - what does it mean and should you care?

John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

In Conversation with Matthew Oates

Matthew Oates, Group IT Director of Portman Travel, joins Stuart Sumner to discuss the present and future of cloud and infrastructure operations.

Matthew Oates, Group IT Director, Portman Travel
Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta 

Equinix: Digital Business Advantage – The Future of IT Infrastructure

What is the role of ecosystems in the future of IT infrastructure?
How are you leveraging cloud and the digital edge?
How can interconnection provide differentiated advantage and efficiency?

Steve Madden, Vice President Digital Transformation and Segment Marketing, Equinix

Quest: Cost savings in age of exponential data growth and infrastructure sprawl

Change and disruption happens. As organizations battle a multitude of new challenges, cloud being just one of them, there is one universal measure that continues to surface: cost cutting. However, organizations can achieve rapid and significant savings by addressing three key areas: eradicating waste, optimizing infrastructure and controlling data growth. Join us for a quick discussion on how you can save money and prevent environment, data and spend explosions.

Adrian Moir, Principal Engineer, Office of the CTO, Quest

Pager Duty: Towards zero downtime

Downtime - any downtime at all - is now completely unacceptable in customer-facing businesses. And yet systems grow more complex and distributed by the day. Something's got to give - or does it? Pager Duty's Steve Barrett explains the principle behind real-time alerting and AIOps.

Steve Barrett, Vice President EMEA, Pager Duty

Darktrace: Weathering the Storm: Cyber AI for Cloud & SaaS

Cloud and SaaS platforms have created digital environments where businesses can innovate, collaborate, and share more than ever before. However, this is often at the cost of visibility and control. Join Nabil Zoldjalali, Darktrace’s Director of Cloud Security, as he discusses the challenges of securing cloud and SaaS applications, and learn why Cyber AI is best-in-class in protecting organizations’ dynamic workforces and constantly-changing digital infrastructure.

Find out how Cyber AI thwarted:

  • Malicious file download in
  • Crypto-mining malware inadvertently installed
  • Developer misuse of AWS cloud infrastructure

Nabil Zoldjalali, Director of Cloud Security, Darktrace

LogicMonitor: Accelerating to the cloud in a post COVID-19 world

87% of global IT managers surveyed believe that one of the long term effects of COVID-19 will be companies accelerating their migration to the cloud. In this session, Stuart Carrison, Technology Evangelist at LogicMonitor will discuss how to ensure your migration is a success by exploring what needs to be considered in advance.

  • Can you articulate what a successful journey to the cloud looks like? Can you justify the cost of execution?
  • Are your teams ready to adapt workloads to the cloud without unmanageable costs?
  • Is your Strategic Cloud partner right for every app you need to run? If not, how will you keep an eye on all your deployments?

Stuart Carrison, Technology Evangelist, LogicMonitor

    Equinix: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Hybrid Architectures

    Direnc Dogruoz, Principal Product Manager – Interconnection EMEA, Equinix

    Panel Discussion: Choosing a cloud strategy that works for you

    When choosing a new cloud solution or infrastructure, it can be difficult to know whether staff will accept it, and whether it will work for all teams and functions. This panel discussion will cover:

    • How can you ensure the needs all are met, and that systems are user-friendly?
    • How can you guarantee cloud services and applications are integrated to avoid shadow IT?
    • How can you set criteria to meet the needs of your organisation? 

    Matthew Oates, Group IT Director, Portman Travel Group

    James Robbins, CIO, Parcelforce

    Andrew McCreath, Director of Cloud & Edge , Equinix

    Denise Dourado, Director - Enterprise Platform Services – Change, HMRC

    Moderator: John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

    Closing Remarks

    Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta


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