Cyber Security: New threats, new approaches

Lockdown is playing tricks with our psychology, boosting our perception that threats lie outside, beyond the protective moat, and that so long as we are at home we’re safe.

Cyber security professionals know this is an illusion, but instinctive beliefs are hard to shift. Threat actors know this too, which is why we’ve witnessed new waves of phishing and ransomware attacks subtly tailored to the Covid crisis. Unwitting homeworkers can provide the ideal back-door into an organisation.

Join us on June 18th for Deskflix: Cyber Security: New threats, new approaches, where we’ll be looking at the tactics of cyber criminals and what we can all do to make life more difficult for them. We’ll be discussing secure collaboration, employee awareness techniques and how to manage multiple remote devices to increase security for the business without placing unnecessary burdens on the workforce.

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Welcome and Opening Remarks

Delta Research
  • John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media
Keynote: Reserved for Ciaran Martin, Founding Chief Executive, NCSC
Fast and Furious Attacks: Using AI to surgically respond

Fast-moving cyber-attacks like ransomware can strike at any time, and security teams are often unable to react quickly enough. Join Dr Beverly McCann, Principal Analyst Consultant at Darktrace, to learn how Autonomous Response uses Self-Learning AI’s understanding of ‘self’ to take targeted action to stop in-progress attacks, without disrupting your business. • Learn how Autonomous Response knows exactly the right action to take, at the right time, to contain an in-person attack • How AI takes precise action to neutralize threats on the behalf of security teams • Use of real-world threat finds to illustrate the workings of Autonomous Response technology

Senior Cyber Security Analyst
Morning Refreshments
Interactive Panel Discussion- Rebuilding after an attack

While organizations focus on how to prevent an attack, it is how they deal with the aftermath that really counts. What are the next steps for your company and how do you manage the fall out of this intrusion? Join our panellist as we explore the impact a breech had on their business and what their next moves were. You will also get the opportunity to participate in each step of the journey during this interactive panel.

Presentation by Threatlocker
Lunch and Networking

Roundtable Discussions-Choose 2 sessions to attend for our take on ‘speed dating’. Each session will last 30 minutes, giving the opportunity to discuss the topic among your peers. When the timer ends, you will join your new group for a new topic.
  • a. Ransomware: Defence and Mitigation Techniques
  • b. Diving into the talent pool- how to fill the skills gaps in Cyber Security
  • c. The new ‘9 to 5’ – ensuring security remotely

Weaponising the internet

The nature of war has changed with cyber weapons now a standard inclusion in many nation states arsenals. Recent events in Ukraine saw Russia using cyber-attacks as part of its invasion strategy. This itself triggered offensive cyber-attack responses from pro-Ukrainian threat actors. For a number of years now we have seen an escalation of state sponsored cyber-attacks as nation states and their proxies vie for superiority in a virtual arms race. The seriousness of the situation resulted in the 2021 Integrated Defence Review proposing that Britain could use nuclear weapons in response to a devastating cyber-attack. The internet has become a strategic battlefield with cyber weapons capable of virtual mass destruction and the potential to inflict real world devastation. Defensive cyber is no longer enough.

Director of Cyber Security
BGL Group
Presentation by Okta
Afternoon Refreshments
Identify, Protect & Recover- The Cyber Security Landscape

There are many questions to consider when enacting a cyber security policy in an organization. The main goal is to reduce the unknowns and ensure a contingency plan is in place for if/when you find yourself on the receiving end of an attack. How confident is your company at not only reducing those unknowns but also defending against the latest threats such as ransomware?

Presentation by Gold Partner
Close of day 1

Please join us for a drink reception 


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