Data Mobility: Manage, Store, Secure

Thursday 4 June, 10.15am - 3pm

It’s no new thing that data is the blood supply to the heart of many organisations. In a world of ever-increasing data, the only guarantee is that it is going to get bigger. From browser cookies to government health tracing apps, data continues to further intertwine with every aspect of modern life.

But are you making the most out of the valuable resource already at your fingertips? With intelligent data management you could unlock a plethora of insights from customer behaviour, internal processes, and cost saving measures. Do you know what questions should you be asking to get the most out of your data?

Through real life case studies and interactive Q+A our industry experts will be going back-to-basics. From best practices in securing and storing, to tips on optimising storage capacity and categorising efficiently, this episode of Deskflix Data Mobility: Manage, Store, Secure will cover all your data challenges.

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Opening Remarks

Delta Research

John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

Data Blocks - Helping arrange your data for building the future
Whose folder is that? What file is that? Who owns it? Is it legal? Just some of the questions we need to answer about our data, but how do we start? This session will take you through some of the steps and strategies you can take to organise, classify and prepare your organisations data ready to take advantage of the future data management solutions.

Alongside George will share some learning from his own experiences to help you and shape your own data block building.

George Tunnicliffe, Prev Head of IT Operations, National Theatre

HPE Keynote Panel: Adapt, recover, evolve

Remote working has seen unprecedented surges in application workloads and rapid drawdowns in storage capacity. Combined with managing workloads in the traditional style and cloud this presents additional challenges. In this keynote panel HPE will share their thoughts on how to bridge the gap that is developing between traditional and cloud models, and give their top tips for keeping your organisation up and running; from alleviating performance and capacity constraints to freeing up data centre space by utilising the cloud.

HPE will demonstrate how using different financial offerings, such as HPE Greenlake, can make significant savings over traditional purchase approaches.

    Nick Dyer, Global Storage Field CTO and Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Tony Stranack, Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta
    Tom Wright, Executive Director, Incisive Works 

    Coffee and movement break!
    Veeam: Get knocked down, but I get up again!

    Cloud Data Management enables customers to achieve unparalleled data availability, mobility, visibility, automation, and governance across datacentres, at the edge and in the cloud. In this session Veeam will demonstrate the deep integration allowing customers to achieve application availability, increase productivity and ease of management, surpassing legacy approaches to data protection by providing the next steps beyond backup.

    Mark Murrin, Strategic Alliances Manager, Veeam Software

    Kevin Ridings, Alliance Systems Engineer, Veeam Software

    Cohesity: Reduce TCO and Simplify IT with the Cohesity-HPE Data Protection Solution

    The operating environment for organisations and their IT teams has dramatically changed, with leaders looking to lower their expenses, run critical IT functions remotely from home, and simplify management of their infrastructure. This session will demonstrate how Cohesity and HPE’s modern, integrated solution helps you reduce TCO, simplify IT complexity and mass data fragmentation, and provide ransomware protection for your backup and unstructured data, allowing you to leverage your backups as more than just an expensive insurance policy.

    Mark Wallis, Sales Manager UKI and South Africa, Cohesity

    Scality: Empowering Data Mobility

    Learn how to build a scalable and versatile data platform to unlock the true potential of data.

    For nearly all companies today, your data holds the power to transform your business – if you can harness the full potential of data through new services to more users, by extracting valuable insights and by improving the efficiency in how your data is stored and managed. Unstructured data is the new norm. Data is now created everywhere, massive capacities are created in the enterprise, the cloud and also at the edge. It is no longer unusual for companies of all types to manage multiple petabytes of data.

    Given all of these forces, storage needs to be more than a tool to store data, it needs to become a strategic platform to help you gain advantage. This means data needs to be on a platform that can protect it, make it easily accessible - all the time - to users, and empower it to extract its value. This data platform needs to evolve over time so it can continuously provide better efficiency in cost, people and service delivery.

    To empower data mobility, today’s data platforms need to fundamentally change how they scale, protect and keep data available, interface to the cloud and edge, and how they improve cost efficiencies.

    Discover how Scality delivers the world’s most scalable and versatile data platforms that are resilient, built-for-cloud, and future-proof.

    Richard Feltham, International Sales Director, Scality

    Panel Discussion: It will keep getting bigger
    • How can you ensure you’re continuing to collate relevant data?
    • What are the next steps once you’ve got your data ready?
    • What themes will emerge over the next two to three years around data management?

    Kevin Ridings, Alliance Systems Engineer, Veeam Software
    Alan Shields, IT Chief Architect, LGSS
    Paul Sudlow, Head of EMEA Alliances, Cohesity
    George Tunnicliffe, Prev Head of IT Operations, National Theatre
    Moderator: John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

    Closing Remarks

    Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta


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