Computing presents Deskflix Season 7: DevSecOps

Agile, Secure, Responsible

Over the last decade, DevOps has become integral to streamlining the development process, ensuring tighter communication between teams, easier and faster development cycles, and better end-user experiences. However, recent years have exposed flaws in the duet of developers and operations.

As part of Computing’s acclaimed Deskflix series, DevSecOps will dispel any ideas of a simple shift left and will highlight the necessity for organisations to reimagine their development processes once more. By including security into every stage of the development process, your products will not just experience the benefits of agile development but will grow stronger with each iteration through rapid automated testing and QA in your CI/CD pipeline and allow for increased observability.

Join us on Tuesday 30 November to hear from a diverse range of industry leaders and experts. Learn from their experiences on how you can build better cross-functional teams and implement secure code into products from day one. Understand that changing your company culture to place equal emphasis on your development, security, and operations, might seem expensive up front, but what rewards can you expect after the transition.


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Welcome & Opening Remarks

Welcome to Deskflix: DevSecOps!

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta


A short presentation by Delta!

John Leonard, Group Research Director, Computing & Delta

Keynote - Shifting Security to the Left

Applying CyberSecurity Risk Assessment Strategy to different maturity levels of the DevSecOps processes and tools in the organization, using OWASP SAMM(SoftWare Assurance Maturity Model) framework

Konstantin Antipenko, DevSecOps Implemention Team Lead, ESB

Panel Discussion – Chaos Creates Innovation
  • What disruptions have had the most impact on business, teams, and profits?
  • How have your teams overcome the economic, political and supply chain challenges in 2021?
  • What opportunities and innovations do you foresee arising in 2022?

Chair: Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Mark Ridley, CEO, Ridley Industries
Frankie Woodhead, Head of Product & Engineering: Core Banking, Financial Products & 
Lending, 10x Banking

Aqua - Getting started with Kubernetes Security

The world of Kubernetes security can seem a bit daunting when you're getting started, with a load of areas to look at and a panoply of tools that can be used. From authentication, to authorization, workload security and network policies, there's a lot to think about. This talk will help you work out where to start, give you some ideas on what's likely to be important for your cluster and talk about some of the key open source projects you can use to keep your environments secure.

Rory McCune, Cloud Native Security Advocate, Aqua

CircleCI - The Path to Production: How and where to segregate test environments
Explore how you can use CircleCI to automate your development process with continuous integration to reduce cost and increase velocity without compromising quality.

Sam Olukotun, Senior Solutions Engineer, CircleCI

Fireside Chat – Compartment Culture
  • How ‘stay in your lane’ culture is putting your organisation at risk
  • When is the right time to begin implementing a DevSecOps company culture?
  • What will a cultural overhaul look like and what benefits can you expect?

Chiar: Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta
Nicholas Vinson, Director - Head of DevSecOps, Pearson

Closing Remarks

Thank you for attending Deskflix: DevSecOps!

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Agenda subject to change

Meet the speakers!

Head of Product & Engineering: Core Banking, Financial Products & Lending
10x Banking
Group Research Director
Computing and Delta
DevSecOps Implemention Team Lead
Ridley Industries
Director - Head of DevSecOps
Cloud Native Security Advocate
Senior Solutions Engineer
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta
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