ERP systems are the classic back office enterprise solution. Unchanging, uncomplaining, quietly managing financial and supply chain data and only of concern to the technicians that manage them – and the CFO who has to stump up for the occasional (and invariably large) upgrade or maintenance bill, right?

Wrong. While stability, security and reliability are still of paramount importance, ERP systems are now extensible, modular, cloud-ready and dynamic. The days in which ERP was the business of experienced administrators (and expensive consultants and SIs) are fast receding. These days the name of the game is self-service, with line of business departments able to build or integrate their own or third-party apps on top of their ERP.

Of course a supertanker like ERP does not change course overnight and modernisation is likely a multi-stage process that requires careful planning. Join us for Deskflix ERP for a lively discussion about how ERP is changing and what you need to know to take advantage.

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Opening Remarks
Delta Presentation
Keynote: Don’t rush me!

With ERP selection being a long-term decision that is deeply integrated with your business processes, and therefore not easy to change, it’s essential that you choose a solution and partner ecosystem that can support your organisation as it grows and changes. In this keynote our industry expert will be discussing the core factors that enabled a successful implementation, the obstacles they faced, and their top tips for ensuring best practice for the present and the future.

Sponsor: Avoiding 'garbage in garbage out'. Managing data before, during and after an ERP rollout
Sponsor: Helping you with your skills shortage
Sponsor: Keeping compliant and remaining secure
Sponsor: Cloud vs on-prem
Panel Discussion: Finding the right ERP provider

• What are the top 3 questions you should ask before signing on with a vendor?

• Who else in the organisation do you need to consult, and what should be considered when including them in the process?

• How can you decide which modules you need?

• How do you know if the provider meets your roadmap requirements?

Closing Remarks

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