The Future of Technology for SMEs:

Establish and Expand

Tuesday 24 May

With 5.6 million small businesses registered in the UK as of the start of 2021, it can be hard to stand out and even harder to stimulate the growth that will carry your organisation out of the bedroom, garage, or home office where it was founded.

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to take your business from startup to household name, Deskflix: The Future of Technology for SMEs is your compendium for all essential tools, platforms, and knowledge. This one-day virtual conference offers a broad range of keynote, deep-dives, and panel discussions, each hosted by a diverse group of industry leaders and experts.

Join us on Tuesday24 May to hear how automation can save you time and money, how utilising Cloud providers can offer an expansion of staff and resources, why security is essential from step one no matter how small you are, and how to effectively scale growth for longevity, to name just a few key points.

>> Connect with 200 UK IT leaders from around the UK

>> Join us from anywhere on your desktop or tablet, for free

>> Ask industry experts your burning questions, in real time

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Meet the speakers!

Small Business Crown Representative
Cabinet Office
Founder & Director
Trade Policy Hub - LSE Consulting
Former CTO
Financial Times
Marketing Executive
Aspect IT
Strategy and Business Transformation Consultant
Founder & Director
Information Security Manager
Managing Director
Mayfair Quarters
Lead Developer, Patient Identity
CEO & Co-founder
Predictive Black
Vice President of Sales, EMEA
IT Glue
Sales Engineer Manager, EMEA
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta
Research Director
Site Editor
Computing and Delta


Welcome & Introdution

Welcome to Desklfix: Future of Technology for SMEs!

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Keynote - Scaling for Success

Planning for success is crucial to your SME’s longevity. Most SMEs in the UK start with just one employee, leading most founders to adapt to exponential growth with little foresight to the possibilities their organisation can achieve.

  • How does a founder scale their business model for growth over the short and long terms?
  • How do you adjust scalability to accommodate shifts in the market and consumer spending habits?
  • What services and tools are available to help organisations plot their growth?

Mark Ridley, Director, Ridley Industries

Kaseya: Everything is Possible - You can fully automate software and patch management
Gold Partner.

We will discuss how we can help IT Administrators shift away from traditional patch management and evolve to comprehensive software management instead. We will share: 

  • Common Software-types that make you more exposed than you think
  • How to re-prioritize your approach to vulnerability management
  • Key pillars required for a modern software management strategy to work

Marwin Marcussen, Sales Engineer Manager, EMEA, Kaseya

Panel Discussion - Budgets, Bills & Buying Power

Growing your business also means paying more to maintain the day-to-day operations. Whether it’s software, hardware, utilities, or any other expense, capitalise on the array of deals available to SMEs.

  • How do you budget expenses when your organisation doesn’t have dedicated departments?
  • As your SME grows, how much will your bills increase and where can you minimise their impact?
  • How to ask for better deals for the services and tools your organisation uses every day?

Chair: Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing & Delta

Andrew Hunt, Strategy and Business Transformation Consultant, Migrators
Lindsey Parslow, Managing Director, Mayfair Quarters
Zitah McMillan, CEO & Co-founder, Predictive Black

Keynote - Opening up public procurement for SMEs

Hear about essential guides and opportunities such as the reforms to public procurement rules that make it easier for SMEs to pitch for public sector work, the 1,800 IT contracts that are up for renewal in central government over the next two years, worth £1.5bn.

Martin Traynor, Small Business Crown Representative, Cabinet Office

Fireside Chat – System Shock: A First-hand Account of SME Security

Learn from a SME security expert about the threats and trends they regularly experience.

  • How can you best overcome the human risk factor when securing your systems and data?
  • With devices and systems requiring an unprecedented number of updates on a weekly basis, how do you ensure effective patch management?
  • Is adopting zero-trust an option for many small to medium enterprises? If not, what other measures can be implemented?

Chair: Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

Nick Ioannou, Information Security Manager, Goodlord

Spanning: Automated Backup & Recovery for Microsoft 365 with Spanning Backup
Reserved for gold partner.

Witness how easy it can be to back up your Office 365 data using Spanning Backup for Office 365. Spanning backs up your user’s Mail, Calendar, and OneDrive data, and your tenant’s SharePoint data.

Deep-dive – Confronting Digital Market Access Barriers to Trade: Policy and Business Perspective

Hear from an expert in international policy, regulations, and tariffs on how SMEs offering digital services can best expand into foreign markets.

Elitsa Garnizova, Founder & Director - Trade Policy Hub, LSE Consulting

    IT Glue: The Future of The IT Helpdesk
    Reserved for gold partner.

    Learn how to shift from a reactive style of helpdesk to a proactive approach; how automation is supporting the scaling of IT functions, and how to manage service personalisation. During this session we will be discussing:

    • How clients and ticket types have changed
    • The new era of your helpdesk and the role of AI
    • What you need to begin changing now to ensure the future of your IT Helpdesk

    Alex Ford, Vice President of Sales, EMEA, IT Glue

    Panel Discussion: Employee Experience - Everyone Wins

    A growing trend over the last few years is for employers to consider the experience of the people most essential to their organisation’s functions – their employees.

    • What makes your organisation appealing to new and existing staff?
    • How can you help your existing employees to achieve growth and success of their own?
    • Why understanding your employee experience is essential to keeping your employees happy and preventing them from leaving?

    Chair: John Leonard, Group Research Director, Computing & Delta

    Hannah Dooley, Marketing Executive, Aspect IT
    Dave Howlett, Lead Developer for Patient Identity, DrDoctor
    Anna Oldbury, Founder & Director, LioBites

    Closing Remarks

    Thank you for attending Deskflix: Future of Technology for SMEs!

    Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing & Delta

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