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Wednesday 23 September

Identity and Access Management software helps IT departments keep their organisations secure by controlling authorisation and access to data and resources. With the twin challenges of defending your organisation against internal threats posed by shadow IT and malicious insiders and the exterior threats of hackers and GDPR breaches, it can be difficult to ensure that your systems are secure, user-friendly and future-proofed.

Join us for Deskflix: Identity and Access Management to learn from the insight and experience of those at the top. What changes and new threats are coming to I&AM and how can you be prepared to respond to them and protect your organisation? Are there new technologies which could help you refine your I&AM approach? Where should you start when rolling out new identity management solutions? And, how can you make changes more palatable to staff?

An episode relevant to IT professionals from organisations of all sizes and industries, Deskflix Identity and Access Management will tackle the issues faced at all stages of adoption, with panel discussions featuring a line-up of top IT professionals, case studies focusing on the minutiae of I&AM and experts at hand to discuss your questions. Watch from wherever and whenever you like, as Deskflix episodes are available on-demand for 3 months.

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Opening Remarks

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Delta

Delta Research: Managing identity in the new normal

  • How has the coronavirus pandemic changed identity management?
  • What will be the lasting impact of home working?
  • How has the vendor landscape changed in the last six months?

Tom Allen, Site Editor, Computing Delta

In Conversation with Tom Stoddart

Tom Stoddart, Assistant Director of Information Security at Manchester Metropolitan University, joins Stuart Sumner to discuss the present and future of information security.

Tom Stoddart, Assistant Director, Information Security, Manchester Metropolitan University
Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Okta: If a year is a long time in politics, try a year in security.

Our industry is used to rapid change; both to the challenges we face and our responses to those challenges. In the last few years, we’ve seen the proliferation of mobile adoption and cloud computing, while this year alone has seen a massive shift as millions of people have switched to work remotely. Traditional perimeter security is crumbling as we shift to an identity-driven security model centred on people and devices. This session looks at how IAM has evolved to take centre stage in the defence against security breaches.

Max Faun, Head of EMEA Consulting, Okta

Ping Identity: Assigning Risk to evaluate Trust

A massive global workplace shift has happened, in the past few months, and continues to evolve as it impacts and challenges IT organisation accepting and adapting to “work from home” policies and the security challenges that come with it. Most existing IT systems were not built for nor designed for a 100% remote workforce. Non-corporate equipment, open non-reliable home networks, intermingling of work and personal applications, are some of the security challenges. Complicating that with an increasing sophistication in phishing attacks is bound to make any CISO stay awake waiting for a breach related disaster to strike. At the heart of it is trust and risk. You need an authentication authority to increase Trust whilst reducing and mitigating risk for all your remote workers.

Baber Amin, CTO West, Ping Identity

Okta: Security Leadership in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 has massively accelerated the adoption of cloud and new ways of working outside our traditional offices. CISOs are facing the biggest leadership test of their careers right now as we must push to be the trailblazers within the company and not the laggards chasing or even hindering progress. How do we know we’re doing this right? How do we know we’re measuring the right things? Delivering on the right priorities? The world has changed. Remote working in the age of COVID has changed the threat landscape and security culture and behaviours are changing with it. 

Ben King, Regional Chief Security Officer, EMEA, Okta

Panel Discussion: The future of I&AM

Currently some organisations are exploring the use of blockchain and advanced biometrics in their I&AM systems, but will there be widespread adoption? Or, will other technologies lead the way? This panel discussion will explore the future of I&AM, asking:
  • Which technologies will lead I&AM?
  • Which innovative technologies are being developed and adopted within the I&AM space?
  • Which new technologies offer optimum security and usability?
  • How could future innovation change I&AM as you know it?

Rita Bhowan, IT Security Manager, The Law Society
Max Faun, Head of EMEA Consulting, Okta
Ian Scott, Head of Collaboration, EUC and Security Infrastructure, Manchester Metropolitan University
Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead, Police Digital Security Centre

Moderator: John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media 

Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta


CTO West
Ping Identity
Regional Chief Security Officer, EMEA
Head of Collaboration, EUC and Security Infrastructure
Manchester Metropolitan University
Research Director
Incisive Media
Head of EMEA Consulting
National Cyber Lead
Police Digital Security Centre
IT Security Manager
The Law Society
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta
Site Editor - Computing and Delta
Incisive Media
Assistant Director, Information Security
Manchester Metropolitan University

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