Remote Working: The Office of the Future

8 months later and remote working is the new-norm; video calls have replaced meetings, morning workouts have replaced early trains, and the office set-up is just a distant memory. How has your organisation coped with the continuation of the new technologies and challenges that Covid-19 has created? Has your infrastructure held up better than expected? Have you experienced an increase in phishing attacks? Does your team still feel like a team?

With many organisations now starting to open offices under new social distancing guidance, what will the impact be on business continuity? Is your organisation ready for a shift to the remote virtual desktop? Is this the office of the future?

In this episode of Deskflix: Remote Working II our industry leaders will discuss the biggest challenges they’ve faced so far, the tools and tactics that allowed them to succeed, and their strategy for the imminent future.

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Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Delta Research
Keynote: Remote working excellence

Remote working has changed the way organisations function over the past 6 months, and the ability to quickly develop an effective remote working strategy has been key to their success. In this session a tech leader will share their experiences of remote working, the challenges they have overcome in recent months, and the developments they’re expecting to see over the next year.

The office of the future

The coronavirus pandemic has revolutionised working life and has changed both how we see the office and how it functions. With organisations’ different approaches to the next year, with some sticking to remote working, and others adopting a hybrid model, which changes are here to stay, and how close to the office of the future are we?
  • What are the challenges your organisation has faced while remote working?
  • What are the greatest benefits remote working has brought to your organisation?
  • What does the business continuity of the hybrid workplace look like?
  • What does the office of the future look like? How close to this are we now?

Intel vPro: Details tbc
Remote Working for the long-haul

  • If remote working is here to stay, what does that mean for IT teams?
  • Is it time to update your long-term IT strategy?
  • Which technologies should you be investing in?
  • Could automation be your ticket to next-level security?

From A to B

A recent Delta study suggested that endpoint security will become a greater focus for IT departments over the next year.
  • How can you ensure endpoint security?
  • Do you have the capacity to deal with the sudden increase in endpoints?
  • How can you scale if needed?

Collaborative tools

Slack, Microsoft Teams, zoom… The list of tools you could be using goes on
  • Which collaborative tools work best, and which have run their course?
  • What benefits do these tools bring?
  • Which tools are most secure, and which capabilities are most useful?

Remote digital transformation

  • Many organisations’ IT infrastructure has changed dramatically throughout the pandemic, bringing both great challenges and discoveries
  • Is now a good time for digital transformation?
  • How should you go about this?
  • How can you ensure momentum doesn’t slow?

Panel: Keeping it cultural

With more than 6 months of remote working under their belts, how are organisations keeping their staff connected and culture alive?
  • How can you support staff as the novelty of remote working wears thin?
  • Does your team still feel like a team?
  • How can you ensure staff still feel part of company culture?
  • Has the culture of your organisation changed over recent months?

Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

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