Hybrid and Multi Cloud

The best of all worlds?

One of the most powerful tools for breaking down silos and integrating resources is cloud computing. But multi-tenancy cloud is not the ideal environment for every application or every class of data and some will need to remain on-prem for the foreseeable future; nor are all clouds equal.

As time goes on, the great liberator can become a jailer with companies effectively locked into their chosen cloud platforms by proprietary data formats and prohibitive data egress charges. Which is why pragmatic and forward-looking IT leaders are increasingly adopting hybrid and multi-cloud strategies which provide the advantages that cloud brings to bear while spreading risk and maximizing their own control and freedom to choose.

Tune in to Deskflix season 1 to hear industry experts speak on the questions you need answered on hybrid and multi cloud.

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Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Delta Research

A look at current thinking about hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. 

John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

Keynote: Making the case for cloud-only

The journey from a phrase in a meeting (hey! lets call it "cloud only") to sipping champagne in a car park outside an empty data centre in Watford. The methods we used to persuade the FT technology department to migrate everything to the cloud. Finding a metric we could use as a north star then begging, pleading and threatening our way to get people moving their systems.

Mark Barnes, Foundation Services Technical Officer, Financial Times

Platinum Session: Details tbc

From private cloud to multi-cloud.

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Darktrace: details tbc
Partner session: details tbc

Application and data mobility - escaping lock-in without courting complexity

Partner Session: Details tbc

Building a flexible, scalable, and agile infrastructure to support remote working

Panel Discussion: Multi-cloud: are we nearly there yet?
  • Everyone's talking about it, no-one's doing it. 
  • Do you really need multiple providers?
  • Technical and managerial solutions.
Closing Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta


Research Director
Incisive Media
Foundation Services Technical Officer
Financial Times
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta

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