Season One: Tuesday 22 February

Ensuring up to date knowledge on innovation of all things Hybrid & Multi Cloud

Computing is delighted to announce Deskflix season 1 for 2022, The Future of Hybrid & Multi Cloud which takes place on Tuesday 22 February.

With the majority of companies looking to the future of scalability and adjustability, the cloud has found its way into the everyday but has brought along some major considerations. The longing for efficiency without a proper understanding could lead to misuse and thus frustration when trying to adapt.

A deep understanding of the Cloud Ecosystem and what model would fit the organizational needs is key. Join us for a day of networking, innovation and discussions looking at some of the core issues when implementing a Hybrid or Multi Cloud strategy such as:

  • Combating vendor lock-in
  • Governing cloud usage
  • Determining what stays on-prem
  • Creating a ‘Cloud Culture’

As organisations switch to these newer models, the importance of management of this new ecosystem will be paramount and the Deskflix: Hybrid & Multi Cloud is the ‘can’t miss’ event for ensuring up to date knowledge on all things Cloud.

Why attend?

>> Connect with 200 UK IT leaders from around the UK

>> Join us from anywhere on your desktop or tablet, for free

>> Ask industry experts your burning questions, in real time

>> Network with sponsors in the virtual exhibition

>> Earn certification through CPD

>> Enter our competitions to win great prizes!


Opening Remarks

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing and Delta

Delta Research

A look at current thinking about hybrid and multi-cloud strategies. 

John Leonard, Research Director, Incisive Media

Keynote- Implementing a ‘Cloud Culture’

• Understanding the importance of strong leadership in digital transformation to break silos

• Encouraging a deeper understanding of applications used across all teams to

• Controlling costs and workload issues that may arise by leveraging the benefits of multi cloud

Sebastian Kister, Product Team Lead, Audi AG

The Multicloud Trend: The Power of Choice

Multicloud is a very common trend with 85% of enterprises reporting the use of multiple cloud services. Develop a multicloud model to drive more agility, gain more accessibility, and open the door to more cloud services. Hear from thought leaders, enterprises and cloud providers on what is driving the multicloud trend. Learn how the right cloud strategy can help mitigate risk and deliver cloud interoperability and accessibility

James Allerton-Austin, Technology Product Strategy Lead, Oracle EMEA

Stuart Sumner, Editorial Director, Computing

Tania Le Voi, Technology Product Strategy Senior Director, Oracle 

Panel Discussion: Governance Within a Multi & Hybrid Cloud System

• Debunking the common misconceptions of utilizing a hybrid or multi cloud approach

• Integrating processes that will make a future switch to more than one provider manageable for businesses big and small

• Considering not only a single workload perspective but also an organizational perspective

Bruno Amaro Almeida, Head of Technology, Fortum

Danielle Sudai, Security Operations Lead, Deliveroo

Presentation by SAS

Presentation by DarkTrace
Refreshment Break

Enjoy this time to visit our exhibitors’ booths, network and be sure to grab a coffee!

Presentation by Sirv LTD


Silky Vaidya, Director R&D, Sirv LTD

Presentation by Iland

Visibility in Cloud Security: do we know how exactly our cloud environments are configured

• Why do we need it? Revealing how easy our cloud environment configuration can remain ‘in the shadows’

• Configuration rules selection to identify misconfigurations and potential security scenarios

• Discuss the importance of using audit standards and security benchmarks

• Knowing our posture: comparing external Cloud Security Posture Management to the native cloud security solutions offered by cloud providers

Danielle Sudai, Security Operations Lead, Deliveroo

Presentation by PluralSight
Panel Discussion- Cost Management in a Multi or Hybrid Cloud System

• Ensuring applications are optimized for their environments during the migration process to avoid costly running

• Understanding how strong management can help to stay onto of costs to best work with the needs of the organization

• The importance of security and how this can curve long-term costs

Presentation by Okta
Closing Remarks


Security Operations Lead
Technology Product Strategy Lead
Oracle EMEA
Research Director
Incisive Media
Senior Director of Cloud Strategy
Product Team Lead
Audi AG
Editorial Director
Computing and Delta
Technology Product Strategy Senior Director

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